Complete one-click image solution for Microsoft Access

Best user experience

  • easy for your database users
  • acquire from cameras and scanners
  • full-screen image view

All tasks solved

  • no database bloat
  • automatic downsample
  • external image storage

Totally compatible

  • Microsoft Access 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Microsoft Access Runtime
  • 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
  • Delphi, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, C++

Download AccessImagine ActiveX


Easy experience

Who are regular database users? Accounters, office girls, store workers and so on. Most things are too complicated – image extensions, dimensions, size limits sound nonsence for them.

AccessImagine accepts images in all known ways: browse the file dialog, drag-n-drop, paste from clipboard, acquire from scanner or camera – and get cropped right on form. Undo button makes users more brave. All is done in one click on cool floating icons. Pictures may be shown full-screen or 1:1 with panning tool.

On the backstages all images are automatically resampled and converted to JPEG format to save database space.

Easy development

You don’t need to read manuals, write a code or struggle problems. Just place AccessImagine ActiveX object on form and bind it to image field. Thats all, its up and working. You may change few options in design mode. 90% usage cases are so easy.

The one thing you should know. If you need any advanced imaging functionality one day, it is already implemented for you, just take a look at tiny documentation.

Easy power

AccessImagine is the most powerfull picture control around. So, what’s under the hood? Briefly, AccessImagine supports:

  • old OLE data
  • MS SQL and MySQL Servers
  • .NET languages
  • HTTP (web) images
  • external image storage
  • continuous forms
  • VBA manipulations
Complete feature list: browse and load, drag-n-drop, paste from clipboard, aquire from scanner or web-cam images right to database, in-place cropping tool, undo, old OLE data support, display HTTP (web) images, JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG  file formats support, store images in JPEG format to save space, external image storage with automatic maintaince, anti-aliased image display, automatic resampling, continuous forms solution, on-click full-screen image display fitted to screen or with panning tool, opens image on-click in editing application, 90 degrees image rotating, VBA scripting image manipulations, SQL Servers and .NET languages support, x64.

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  1. taste of the wild dog food on said:

    well i just downloaded this component, the features are quite interesting, anyways i liked it!!

  2. FARHAN on said:

    this software excellent.Can direct capture from camera NIKON D7000.

  3. David Robinson on said:

    FAnatastic product!

  4. Hi
    I have Installed the software it is very beautiful.

  5. I could really use this for an application i’m working on!

  6. hi m tito

  7. i am having a problem with using this in report mode, i make the active x box bigger and the image just goes away, i make the box pretty small and i can see my image fine any suggestions?

  8. itchibahn on said:

    I like it, but I need to save in PDF format. I didn’t see in your documentation about PDF. Possible in the future?

  9. Anonymous on said:

    Accounters, office girls, store workers… really? How about hiring a real writer.

  10. Rauleigh on said:

    Use of the control is great. Got it working well but would it be possible to add support for more graphic file formats? e.g. TIFF and PNG.

  11. Wow, I can’t believe how simple this is to use! I’ve been using MS access since 1.0! This is great, works on 2007 & 2010! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  12. Alan Whitley on said:

    I was thinking of purchasing your product but I really need to be able to link photos not embed them, I can’t figure out how your program does it, I see it mention the StoragePath property but I can’t find it. I have a bloated database because the photos are imbedded, I’ve removed the photos but not the data now I want to link the photos back into the database using your product, How can I do that?

    • AccessImagine is very smart at external image storage.

      StoragePath property is located at [Other] tab. Bind AccessImagine object to text or ID field.

      • Alan Whitley on said:

        Thanks, I found the control but when I put in the folder that has my pictures in it, I got the following message
        Data binding error: when the StoragePath is set, control must be bound to text/numeric field, no to the OLE/IMAGE/BLOB one. What did I don wrong?

        • You need to bind AccessImagine to some text field (it will keep filenames there)

          • Alan Whitley on said:

            I’ve given the StoragePath the location of my photos, how do you then bind them to the text field I’ve created in the database?

        • >> I’ve given the StoragePath the location of my photos, how do you then bind them to the text field I’ve created in the database?
          Bind AccessImagine object to text field – like shown at (Slide 4)

  13. I’m using the free version and unable to print a report that I have placed an AccessImagine Picture control bound to an OLE Object field containing jpeg images. The pics display fine on screen, but whenever I go to print, Access crashes. I’m able to print other reports & tables in the same Access database that don’t contain images just fine. I’m running Windows 7 64-bit, and the pics are coming from an external SQL Server database through an ODBC connection. Is this a limitation of the free version, or a bug?

    • There is no such sort of limitations in AccessImagine.

      There was no reports about crashing at printing before. Can you provide more info to

  14. Thomas on said:

    Hello. First of all, thank you for this, its exactly what I needed. One question… I set it up with StoragePath to save the images to a directory… but in the tables they are only named “scan.jpg, scan1.jpg”, etc. What can I change to have the cells display the entire filepath, i.e. C:Folderscan1.jpg ? Another program depends on the full path to work. Thanks in advance.

  15. ed whittaker on said:

    when I create an auto install to install my program on another computer what file do I need to include? It seems if I put in the AccessImagine162.exe it makes the install go through all the hoops and information not really needed. Can I just install the *.ocx and if so do I need to place it in a particular folder or do I have to actually install the *.exe? Is there a way, if I do that the installer can bypass all the information, etc that comes up when the *.exe is run?

    • Max D on said:

      You can use deploy pack –

      • Hi Max,


        I get an error message while trying to extract deploy pack.
        “The system cannot find the file specified.”

        The control works for me as it was installed already. I just wanted to try the deploy pack.

  16. James on said:

    Really amazing, so simple, so easy, yet so terrific. It really hits the spot!

  17. hussain on said:

    I’ve purchased AccessImagine ActiveX control
    I want send the activation code
    Annexed you purchase a document image
    As kindly send a link AccessImagine ActiveX control Download the latest version

    • Greetings!
      All activations are handled in manual mode and it may take up to 12 hours to process. Your activation key was sent to you few minutes ago.

  18. I’m very interested in the product and have download and installed it (have not registered it as yet). My requirement is to display in both forms and reports pictures located on a web server. I’ve read through most of questions and replies, but am still a bit lost. I looks like there is a load function which is supposed to handle URLs, however I con’t seem to find any documentation or examples on how to go about using it. Would you point me to something that will explain how to do it?

    Thank you,

    • The easiest way is to bind AccessImagine to the field that holds the URL.

      • So far that has not worked for me. I’ve set the AccessImaginePicture Control Source property to a text box containing the URL. I’ve tried it with the text box defined as a simple text field and as a Hyperlink. In neither case was the photo displayed in the form. Of course as a hyperlink I was able to click on text control and bring up the photo in my browser.

        Also I had tried the binding approach before posting my first comment. More guidance required, thank you,

        • Nope, you need to bind AccessImagine to database table field, not form textbox.

          Also you can use VBA command to load picture, like

          Pic.LoadFile “”

          • Max,

            Thanks that sort of helps. I’m guessing when you say bind, you are referring to setting the table field data type to AccessImaage. As I’m not seeing it in the list I’ma assuming I need to register to do that.

            Am I on the right track?

        • AccessImagine is fully functional without license.

          “Bind” here means: that you have text field in your database that holds URL. Put AccessImagine object on form and select that field as its Control Source.

          Take a look at Slide 4 here –

  19. Hi
    i have one sql table which contains thoushands of images. i want to display that image when we i enter product id no. Product table contain the imagenumber.
    when i open the SQL table in access the column is “long Binary Data” so how to convert “Long Binary data” to “Bitmap”


  20. i am using the unregistered access imagine activex for our college.How long the activex works? Is there any other provision to use the activex without registering in schools and colleges?

  21. Martin Fischbein on said:

    I am very interested in this tool. How can I purchase? Most of the links on this web site seem to be bad?

  22. Hello, I am creating a Microsoft Access 2010 database where we need to scan documents using Canon-DR 3010c scanner and save them in a folder. I downloaded and saved Accessimagine.ocx. Do you have a code that explains how I can control the scanner using a button on a form to start scanning and save them ?

    • First of all install AccessImagine and check right at demo database if your scanner is supported – by pressing Aquire Image button.

  23. Hey,

    I was wondering is there a way to have the activeX controller embedded into database so that I don’t have to install this on every single computer that we use the database. My database is used throughout our system and it would be inconvenient to install it separately on each computer. Also we have some restrictions on installing new software on the computer.

    So to put it simple: I need it to work when you open the database even if the executable hasn’t been ran on the computer.

  24. I need to scan multiple pages to a single user record. Is that possible? When I try to scan a 2nd image, it just overwrites the first one.

    • AccessImagine control can hold one image only.
      If you need to save several pictures for one record, you can use images subtable and subform.

  25. Is there a print button somewhere or to print, we have to create a report and insert the Activex control on the report?

  26. This is a fantastic routine for Access. Beyond that, and perhaps even more important, is the excellent support. I’ve had just a couple of minor issues (not bugs) and the response was extremely fast and helpful. I highly recommend this product.

  27. Don Leverton on said:

    I’ve only tried this a couple of times, and it works quite well.

    My biggest disappointment so far is with the “cropping” tool. I have found that you can’t simply select an area of an image and discard the rest (sort of like the website demo shows you can.) After discarding the unwanted part of the image, it would be nice to then have it zoomed, centered, and filled with a white background, so that you aren’t left with ugly grey areas showing inside the frame.
    Maybe it will be included in an upcoming revision?

    • Max D on said:

      In latest AccessImagine versions crop tool is proportional, so it never do grey areas.

      • Marc on said:

        This user seems to need the cropping function as it was at the start, not proportional. Is it possible that the programmer can switch between proportional and not proportional in the control properties?

        • Max D on said:

          There is no ability to crop unproportionally.
          The only way is to use old version –

  28. Hafiz Waqas Ahmed on said:


  29. Michael Clark on said:

    Will this work with users that have Microsoft Access distribution kit installed on their computers? If so, what is required to make it funtional on their PC’s?

  30. It is compatible with Access 2013 32-bit and 64bit as well as their runtimes

    • AccessImagine may not work properly with Access 2013 x64 – the only solution is to use Access 2013 x32 instead.
      Runtimes are working good with AccessImagine.

  31. Kristin on said:

    Will this allow us to print photos to license-type PVC cards (credit card size)from our MS Access 2010 database? Our training company provides a certificate in the form of a wallet sized PVC card. This card pulls from Access 2010 their name, company name, training location, training date, instructor name and we need to print their individual photo too.

    Will your program allow us to 1) load a photo that is attached to each individual student/record and print photo along with the other information to a PVC card and 2)can this photo be attached to a QR code that is accessed via a phone app?

  32. Django on said:

    Hi I am interested in buying Access Imagine.

    I did some test using the trail version. What I did was to link my ACCESS database using an ODBC link to a
    MySQL database table that contains a BLOB field. Next I create an Access form that link AccessImagine controller
    to the ODBC Linked table. When I tried to store a small image file it works… but anything over 50k it seems that the image was partially cut before it’s being stored into the table. Is there a limitation on the trail or community based version? or is it something that I did wrong?

    Thanks. K

  33. A.Murad on said:

    interested in buying developer license but don’t have paypal or credit cards. is there any way to still buy?
    secondly, how to avail discount?

  34. I Wayan Sugata on said:

    Is it possible to take the picture from computer camera with “auto timer”
    I use Ms. Access 2002 , and I want the application able to take a picture with timer option, that is better if we can then take the picture many times, i.e. every 10 second. If possible please inform me to my email address. It’ s difficult to find my post in this comment:).

    Thank you
    Wayan Sugata

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