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Frequently Asked Questions

How to extract old OLE pictures from database?

OLEtoDisk is the most functional tool for this task.

Does it supports PDFs and multi-page documents?

AccessImagine is designed to work with single image. It doesn’t support any multi-page formats, including PDF.

How to display images at reports?

The same way you do at forms: place AccessImagine object and bind it to picture field.

How to clear AccessImagine image from VBA?

AccessImaginePic.Image = null

How to export all AccessImagine images from database?

For AccessImagine images you should use SaveFile VBA command. Place a button on form with AccessImagine image and bind such a script to it:

For i = 1 To N
Pic.SaveFile (“c:\MyPics\” + Str(ID) + “.jpg”)
DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNext
Next i


  1. I am have a problem with reading png format OLE object in access db, I can open with another super old control. But I would rather not have to run a conversion of all the images in place. any ideas?

    • Yep, AccessImagine is not able to read some old OLE pictures.
      I recommend you to use this tool to save images to disk –
      After that you will be able to reimport it with AccessImagine.

  2. I am using Access 2016 on a Win 10 device. Since moving from Access 2013 the orientation of some images displayed in the standard Access image control is incorrect (I am using the control with images stored in a seperate folder). All of the problem images display correctly orientated in the Win 10 File Explorer. I downloaded the AccessImagine control to test if it resolves the issue but sadly it does not. Can you advise? I can supply a sample image if required.

      • have sent you an image file that shows the problem and screenshot of that image when displayed in the AccessImagine control.

        Hope you can help – let me know if you need any more information

      • any progress on my issue Max?

        • Unfortunately, I was unable to overcome this.
          AccessImagine uses system functions for JPEG file reading and makes it the same way.

          The only thing I can advice you is to batch-convert all images to PNG and back to JPG.

          • Ok thanks for investigating.

  3. Hi Max, is it possible to trigger the camera capture by a command button instead of close clicking on the picture holder? The App I am writing is supposed to be a self help kiosk app that instructions must be really idiot proofed. Thanks

  4. Is it possible to implement a cropping option in which a cropping rectangle appears in the correct dimensions (as specified in the control’s properties) when I click on the crop icon? Then all I would need to do is position and resize the rectangle (maintaining proportions).

    As it is now, I end up having to undo and redo the cropping – sometimes several times – with the current process of drawing the cropping rectangle.

    • Its already implemented, set Cropping property to Proportional.

      • I already have the property set to Proportional. Sorry if I wasn’t clear in my question. What I meant was when I click on the Crop icon within the control, instead of having to left-click and drag with my mouse to create the crop rectangle, it would be nice to have a rectangle already appear that I can simply resize by dragging on the corners or edges.

        Similar to how you would crop in Photoshop. When done with the crop, click on a checkmark to complete (or undo or cancel). I believe Photoshop also allows you to draw the rectangle in addition to using the crop borders.

        • Nope, that is not planned.

  5. Hi Max,

    I have installed and implemented the control and after a bit of fiddling, it’s working well. I am displaying images that are located on a web site using the URL in my Access 2007 form.

    Basically, the database keeps track of car parts.

    I have a form that is used to display the information about the car part including displaying the image if it exists. I just noticed, that if I scroll from record to record use the record navigation buttons, your image control reduces in size each time I click either the Next or Prev buttons….it still displays the image correctly….any ideas?


  6. I just did some more testing and it appears to be something to do with the “Special Effect” property…I changed it from Flat to Sunken and it worked correctly. I then changed it back to Flat and it also works correctly…hope this helps

  7. I’m evaluating AccessImagine for a small MS Access data project and I need a minimum user operation. I’m using Pic.InstantScan method to capture the image and it works perfectly.
    I had a problem when someone inadvertently disconnected the webcam from the computer, then the program crashed when trying to take the next picture.
    Is there any way to verify that the WebCam is connected and ready before take the picture using InstantScan? Is there any other way to avoid an error if the user tries to take a picture when the camera is off or disconnected?

    Thank you

    • At this there is no ability to avoid this situation.
      Maybe it will be fixed in updates.

  8. I’ve installed on Windows 10, HP notebook. When I try to change from the HP camera to a Logitech HD Webcam C270, I receive the error: “Access Violation at address 00713C28 in module “ACCESS~2.OCX. Read of address 0000001C”. Is there anything that I can do to resolve this?

    • I’m sorry to say that means AccessImagine is not able to work with this cam.

      • Can you supply a short list of usb cameras that are compatible in windows 7 and 10 please

        • Sorry, I do not have such a list.

  9. Is there a way to save a scan using a field’s text entry? Right now it saves as Scan??.Jpg. And I need to save the filename as the text in a field

    • Yep, you can prefill text field with desired name, and AccessImagine will use it.

  10. We have noticed that the webcams on many tablets that we are using have a rather large delay when moving the camera with your control. you have to hold it in place for 3-5 seconds before the picture catches up with were you are pointing the camera. Can you tell me if you have seen this and what the issue might be. It makes it very difficult to use the active x control with the webcam.

  11. I’ve noticed problems with the control when using it in Access 2016. One problem is that when I use it in a report, the control resizes itself smaller when I run the report or when I click on the control in design view. This does NOT happen when I work with the same report in Access 2010. Is an update being worked on that will be fully compatible with Access 2016?

    I do have one request. Have available a control for use in reports that just displays photos. I have a yearbook report for the language school I volunteer for that has many student photos on each page. Printing the report is fine but when I try to use Access to export the report to a PDF instead, many of the photos don’t show up. Assumably because it takes a lot of resources to have many of your controls on each page. In a report, functions like loading photos from your computer, taking pictures with your webcam, cropping, etc. aren’t needed. Thanks!

      • 1. Do you mean make the border transparent? That’s how it’s always been. And the problem only shows up when using Access 2016 (works fine in Access 2010).

        2. I tried following the instructions at the link you provided and set the control source to my picture field but since the images are stored in my database (in OLE Object fields), and not external image files, it didn’t work for me.

        Is there another way to display stored images in a report without using your control?

        • 1. Set Border Type: None
          2. There is no another way to display images stored inside DB.


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