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Frequently Asked Questions

How to extract old OLE pictures from database?

OLEtoDisk is the most functional tool for this task.

Does it supports PDFs and multi-page documents?

AccessImagine is designed to work with single image. It doesn’t support any multi-page formats, including PDF.

How to display images at reports?

The same way you do at forms: place AccessImagine object and bind it to picture field.

How to clear AccessImagine image from VBA?

AccessImaginePic.Image = null

How to export all AccessImagine images from database?

For AccessImagine images you should use SaveFile VBA command. Place a button on form with AccessImagine image and bind such a script to it:

For i = 1 To N
Pic.SaveFile (“c:\MyPics\” + Str(ID) + “.jpg”)
DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNext
Next i


  1. Hi Max, is it possible to trigger the camera capture by a command button instead of close clicking on the picture holder? The App I am writing is supposed to be a self help kiosk app that instructions must be really idiot proofed. Thanks

  2. Is there a way to save a scan using a field’s text entry? Right now it saves as Scan??.Jpg. And I need to save the filename as the text in a field

    • Yep, you can prefill text field with desired name, and AccessImagine will use it.

  3. Hello! Greetings from Italy

    I’m trying to figured out to make AccessImagine working on my Access Database on a Windows 10 2 in 1 tablet (Lenovo ideapad MIIX 310), but i have some difficulties.
    I am able to add the creativeX control and view it on my form, but when I click or tap on the webcam icon, i received an error

    TWAIN Error
    TWAIN_ReportLastError: an error occurred

    How can i resolve it?

    Thank you so much


    • That is quite strange. Perform right mouse button click at “Use Device” icon and try to select another image source.

      • It works!
        Thanks a lot Max D! :) Tomorrow i Will try the system on a field survey :)


  4. I need to display and print multiple images on a report. They appear in Report View but only one appears in Print Preview.

    For db size reasons, I don’t want to store an Ole field also.

    Thoughts on working around this

    • Are you using latest AccessImagine 1.74?

      • Yes.

      • For whatever reason, it is working now.

  5. I have a problem with picture bigger than 400KB. I receive the error : JPEG error #53. The data are stored in a sql server field varbinary(max).
    Is it a limit of the control? How to solve it?


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