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AccessImagine (Microsoft Access image control) on form

AccessImagine is the award-winning Microsoft Access image solution:

  • easy way to insert images
  • saves database from bloating
  • covers all your future needs
  • requires NO programming
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Easy experience

Who are regular database users? Accounters, office girls, store workers and so on. Most things are too complicated – image extensions, dimensions, size limits sound nonsence for them.

AccessImagine accepts images in all known ways: browse the file dialog, drag-n-drop, paste from clipboard, acquire from scanner or camera – and get cropped right on form. Undo button makes users more brave. All is done in one click on cool floating icons. Here is user experience youtube video. Pictures may be shown full-screen or 1:1 with panning tool.

On the backstages all images are automatically resampled and converted to JPEG format to save database space.

Easy development

You don’t need to read manuals, write a code or struggle problems. Just place AccessImagine ActiveX object on form and bind it to image field. Thats all, its up and working. You may change few options in design mode. 90% usage cases are so easy.

The one thing you should know. If you need any advanced imaging functionality one day, it is already implemented for you, just take a look at tiny documentation.

Easy power

AccessImagine is the most powerfull picture control around. So, what’s under the hood? Briefly, AccessImagine supports:

  • old OLE data
  • MS SQL and MySQL Servers
  • .NET languages
  • HTTP (web) images
  • external image storage
  • continuous forms
  • VBA manipulations

AccessImagine is shareware, you can use it forever without any functional limitations. But it will show some reminders.

[ Download AccessImagine ]

By the way, we have a bunch or tutorials here, at the right side of the page.


  1. love

  2. Hi,

    I just downloaded the control (haven’t paid for the license yet, want to try first).

    I have a table with png, jpg and bmp images stored in a image field (it’s a linked SQL database).
    I’m getting a “JPEG error #53”.

    Is this because the evaluation version only supports jpg files ?
    If not, what is the problem ?

    b rgds,

    • Nope, evaluation version is fully functional.

      The problem is that AccessImagine stores images in JPEG format and expects them to be JPEG only in database. There is no image extensions there to check.

      On loading from files AccessImagine supports all this this formats, but not inside the database.

  3. Hey creators of imagine. I am pretty impressed about accessimagine. Handling pictures in a database had never been that easy. It really makes MS ACCESS growing. But is it possible to install the control without admin rights on a WIN7/office 2010 system or getting it work on that system without installing?

    • Thank you for good words!
      It is impossible to install AccessImagine without admin rights – at least we have not found the way to do it for now.

  4. hello. i want to know if do you have html version of this aplication

    • Unfortunately there is no HTML version of AccessImagine.


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