Usually you don’t need that 5Mb images users try to save in a database:

– Hey, I need a small contact picture, I don’t need to make a poster of it!
– How come this picture are so big if my camera is so small ? …

There is a simple way to tell AccessImagine what size of images you need – and it will donwsample violators.

There are two options at Other tab of the object inspector: MaxWidth and MaxHeight, which can limit the maximum size of the saved pictures. When user tries to save big images to the database, AccessImagine proportionally scales them down  to the specified rectangle.

You can cay: “Stop! And what’s about that nice cropping tool? If control downsamples image to a small size and after that user crops it, it will become way too small! Absolutely unacceptable!”

The good news is, control keeps in memory the full version of the image until it is submitted to database (by moving to other record or closing form). Its completely safe to crop – and you can resort to the Undo button if something has gone wrong.