This is fast 2-minutes tutorial about working with images in Microsoft Access – a pleasant way of doing this. Actions taken here will cover most of your “imaging” needs.

You can see video version of this tutorial here.

1. Download control installer and run it.

2. Open MS Access and create a Blank Database.

3. Open Table1 in Design view and add Full name (Text type) and Picture (OLE type) fields.

4. Create form for Table1 and open it in Design view.

5. Delete ID and Picture fields presentation – we dont need em here.

4. Press Insert ActiveX Control button on the toolbar, select AccessImagine Picture Control and place it on the form.

5. Bind the placed control to an Image datafield.

That’s it ! Try it out,  just to know how pleasant adding images to a database can be.

Notice that the ActiveX control have some useful options at Misc tab of the Property Inspector. You dont need it right now, but its nice to know that it is there. If  you click on Custom […] sign, you will see a window with a quick reference about control’s properties and functions.

Here is the presentation of these steps: