AccessImagine 1.74
Download (4.7 Mb)

Also you can download deploy pack or MSI 32-bit installer without license agreement step and demo database installation.

AccessImagine is SHAREWARE (read license agreement), it remains fully functional all the time. You can use this control as long as you like.

When you run this download, few files are installed along with demo database.

If you don’t know what to do next, please review Getting started with AccessImagine tutorial.

Feel free to write if you experience any problems or would like to make a feature request. Don’t hesitate to comment any page on this site using the bottom form.


  1. Neverming, got it :)

  2. o windows 10 nao esta permitindo a execução deste programa

  3. We have been using AccessImagine 1.74 successfully since 2013. We are now moving to windows 10 and now I have problems with Access 2016 and AccessImagine
    Is AccessImagine even compatible win Win10?
    In Access VBA Tools/References I add AccessImagine from C:\Program Files (x86)\AccessImagine\ AccessImagine.ocx (or AccessImagine64.ocx )
    In design mode when I open the Add ActiveX control list the AccessImaginePicture Control is not in the available control list.
    I have tried the DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdRegisterActiveXControls without success.
    Am I missing something here?
    I work in a Government Hospital and our IT department will not assist with “Homemade” projects.
    Thankful for any suggestions
    Bengt Frost

    • AccessImagine works properly with Windows 10. Have you used the regular installer? Does the demo DB works?

      • And with regular installer I guess you mean AccessImagine164.exe ?
        And, No the demo DB does not work.
        I have checked the register and find no trace of AccessImagine Picture there so I guess our IT dep. needs to shape up! Swedish Gouvernment University hospital!!!
        Could you just please confirm that running AccessImagine164.exe is all it takes to install.
        Thank you /Bengt Frost

        • Yep, all you need to do at Windows 10 is to run AccessImagine174.exe – and it should be working.

          Something definitely went wrong at that PC.

          • OK so AccessImagine164 exe is NOT working on WIN10 then??

            Sorry but i need all information I can get before contacting our IT department.

            If we need to download AccessImagine174. What credentials can I use?
            My old email adress is no longer walid and has been replaced. Do we need to register again?
            Is the update free or do we have have to purchase a new licence.

          • I’m not sure about AccessImagine164.exe – that is too old version.
            AccessImagine license includes all future updates.
            Download AccessImagine 1.74 here –

    • Hi Bengt,
      I was having problems as well.
      Once I downloaded from link from below and installed, it worked.
      I might have been trying an older install of the product.

  4. Hello,
    Can you read an image in Azure blob storage using MS Access and AccessImagine,
    Thanks for your help

    • I don’t know.
      But if you are able to connect MS Access to it, AccessImagine should work.

  5. Max,

    Love the software. I bought it and developed an application using it. I am now trying to deploy it, but despite installing the deploy pack I still get the annoying accessimagineXX.ocx is missing error. Did I mess upp in installing the deploy pack? I just ran it. Do I need to do something else?

  6. Hi Max,
    Does it work with 64bit Windows 10? I have a license but don’t dare to install it as I am afraid it might break something. I am intending to work on it in my workplace.



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